Woodland Management

Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF)
As a company, we specialise in the implementation of CCF as a management system for appropriate woodland sites. We have worked on the transformation to CCF of conifer, broadleaf and mixed woodlands at several sites in the south east of England. CCF, and its benefits (ecological, landscape and financial) as a management system is a particular area of interest to our principle consultant, who has travelled to Denmark, Poland and several locations in the UK to study the successful implementation of this system. We believe CCF is the future for lowland forests and would love to meet you to discuss how CCF principles can be applied for your woodland, and explain the many benefits offered by this system. 

Woodland Management Plans
We produce management plans for woodland sites of all sizes, from smaller holdings owned by Parish Councils or small woodland owners through to larger estates (including Hatfield House Estate, a large privately owned estate in Hertfordshire) with broader commercial forestry objectives. These management plans are tailored to the site and produced with input from all relevant stake-holders, to ensure woodlands are being managed effectively for all user groups.    

Grant advice and Grant Applications and Felling Licenses
In recent years we have worked on grants for woodlands of all sizes. This has included obtaining felling licenses for small (5Ha) sites, through to the successful application for Countryside Stewardship (CS) Grants on larger woodlands (such as a successful CS grant application for 500Ha of woodlands in the Home Counties). We will work with you to assess what is appropriate for your site and which grants and licenses may be necessary and / or applicable. 

Managing commercial recreational use of forests
We specialise in working with forest owners and third party companies to enable the use of woodlands for commercialised diversification. We are able to ensure any planned activities are appropriate for a given site, ensuring measures are in place to protect the woodland and guarantee that other ‘normal’ woodland activities are not jeopardised by these additional activities. In recent years we have worked with organisations who supply bushcraft camping for children in woodland sites, working with one such company who provided residential camps for over 4000 children (in a site 20 miles from central London) during one spring / summer season. 

Planting Schemes and advice on woodland planting grants
We work with our clients to deliver well planned and sustainable woodland planting schemes for plots of all sizes. We will liaise with all stakeholders on your behalf, ensuring all necessary boxes are ticked.  We can assist in producing grant applications for new woodlands, working closely with organisations such as the Forestry Commission.


Planning and organisation of Silvicultural thinnings
With our network of contractors, we undertake the contract management for woodland owners, engaging with contractors who have suitable experience, equipment and appropriate insurances. We undertake the whole process, from the marking of future thinnings through to completing the tendering process.  

Pest control
We work a well-established pest control company to ensure deer control and the control of other vermin is being managed effectively and safely.