Arboricultural Consultancy for Land Owners and Agents

Individual tree assessments
We undertake detailed inspections of individual trees including safety surveys and surveys for insurance purposes. This often involves assessing trees that are either potentially hazardous or trees that are implicated in damage to structures and / or property. We can undertake climbing inspections and will also utilise decay detection equipment where this is deemed appropriate

Health and safety tree surveys using GIS
Using GIS systems, we undertake tree safety surveys on sites of all sizes including: rural estates, golf courses, schools and other land holdings.  These surveys will give land owners peace of mind that their responsibilities under the Occupiers Liability Act are being adequately met. As we are not linked directly to a contracting business, our surveys will only ever identify works that are necessary for safety reasons and we can also advise on tree /  landscape improvement works if desired.


Tree strategies
We can produce tree strategies for land owners to ensure trees on larger land holdings are being inspected at appropriate intervals, taking into account the occupancy levels which vary greatly across most sites. 

Advice relating to construction works near trees
We offer services relating to all construction activity near to trees including buildings, roads and other landscape installations. The details of the services we provide are listed on our Arboricultural Consultancy for Property Developers and Architects pages.



Advice relating to insurance
If trees have damaged built structures it is important that the right causation is found to ensure any tree losses are not in vein! We specialise in direct and indirect damage by trees and are able to work with engineers and professionals from other disciplines to determine the cause of any damage and then recommend the most appropriate remedial actions.